When stars act like they're nuts

Celebrities who started acting all crazy-like. 

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    Stars acting Insane

    Lots of every day people go a little bit crazy from time to time. But these celebs' antics were so over the top, they made headlines. Click through to see which celebrities had people wondering if they were a few grains shy of a full salt shaker.
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    Larry Hagman

    Barbara Eden said the late Hagman, who she said was a drug user at the time, once attacked a group of nuns visiting the studio near their show "I Dream of Jeannie."

    "Larry takes one look at the nuns, grabs an axe…and swings it around his head so ferociously that he could easily have killed someone," Eden said.
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    Dennis Hopper

    The “Easy Rider” star was reportedly fond of walking around town raging, whilst nude. He also reportedly married Mamas and the Papas singer Michelle Phillips. only to not recognize her the next day.
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    Margot Kidder

    The former Lois Lane was found battered, missing her teeth and living in a cardboard box after a manic depressive breakdown in the late 90s. Kidder told People magazine she became delusional when her computer crashed.
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    Crispin Glover

    Glover appeared in an interview with David Letterman in 1987. He challenged the late-night host to an arm wrestling competition and then attempted to kick him in the head.
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    Gary Busey

    Busey spiced up a dull E! red carpet show in 2008 when he interrupted Ryan Seacrest’s interview with Jennifer Garner and grabbed her for a surprise on-camera hug, scaring the star. 
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    Britney Spears

    In 2007 blond bombshell Britney Spears shaved off all her hair while photographers snapped away. Reps called the move a nervous breakdown, her ex-manager said she did it because she was paranoid her hair would be drug tested. Either way, it led to years of funky extensions before Brit’s hair grew back.
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    Mel Gibson

    Fans of Gibson were shocked in 2010 when an audio recording surfaced of his rage-filled rant directed at his former girlfriend. The recording, filled with racial slurs, obliterated the “Braveheart” star’s already damaged reputation.
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    Tom Cruise

    The “Risky Business” actor got so excited when telling Oprah he loved Katie Holmes that he jumped on the couch, freaking out Oprah and the audience alike.
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    Mariah Carey

    In 2001, Mariah was loopy (to say the least) during an appearance on MTV's TRL. "I just wanted one day off when I could go swimming and look at rainbows and eat ice cream and maybe, like, learn how to ride a bicycle," she mused. After that, she checked into a hospital for exhaustion and took a break from the spotlight.  (Reuters)  
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    Lindsay Lohan

    In Nov. 2012, LiLo was arrested after allegedly punching a woman in the face at an NYC club at 4:00 am in the morning. The starlet headed to the police department for the umpteenth time and was released the next morning. You know what they say about doing something the same way over and over again, yet expecting the outcome to change.
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    Amanda Bynes

    The former Nickelodeon actress had fans freaked out with her constant Twitter rants and bizarre antics. In 2013-- after she set a fire in a random person's driveway-- she finally got help when she was put into a psychiatric hospital.  Click here for more pics from ET
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