Britney Goes on a Hawaiian Getaway, Miley Lands Herself a New Gig, and Much More

Here's what's happening:

• Just about a week after sharing Britney Spears has followed up with a two more bikini photos from her family vacation in Hawaii (above). In doing so, she proves that she's just as sexy as ever, and also that she gets easily distracted while playing beach-ball volleyball.

• Not quite ready for swimsuit season? Don't worry; there's still time for a few good workouts. In the clip below, celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue demonstrates her favorite exercises for toning your hips, buns and thighs. Follow along at home (and check out part two here), then get ready to ignore your friends in Hawaii!

• Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys will replace Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams on the coaching panel for the 11th season of NBC's "The Voice." Wisely, though, NBC has elected to keep Blake Shelton and Adam Levine right where they are, lest they lose any viewers who became invested in their "will they/won't they" bromance.

• Just in case you didn't get a good look the first time, Justin Bieber has once again posted a photo of his bare butt on Instagram (links are slightly NSFW). So please, when you get home tonight, make sure you take a good look. He'll just keep doing this until you do.

• "Eddie the Eagle" actor Hugh Jackman reportedly saved his children — as well as some other guy — from getting swept away in a riptide during a trip to Australia's Bondi Beach over the weekend. This other guy, however, insists that Hugh wasn't helping him, but that he was assisting Hugh. (Whatever you say, faceless other guy!)

• In a recent interview with Seth Meyers, "Batman v. Superman" actor Henry Cavill claimed that he once locked himself out of his own hotel room while completely naked, which, arguably, proves that Cavill's off-screen antics are much more suspenseful and thrilling than anything that actually happened in "Batman v. Superman."

• On Sunday, business mogul Ivanka Trump announced that she and husband Jared Kushner had welcomed their third child, a baby boy named Theodore James. Or, as we imagine his grandfather Donald might refer to him, "another future member of my terrific presidential committee."

• And finally, "Hello" singer Adele has had to issue an apology to one of her concert-goers after a length of chain fell from the venue's ceiling and hit the woman in the head. So we guess it's true what the say about Adele: She really brings down the house. (We'll see ourselves out.)