'Breaking Bad' star Dean Norris: Go see 'American Sniper'

For those still mourning the end of "Breaking Bad," fear not. Besides the upcoming spin-off "Better Call Saul," you can see fan favorite Dean Norris – AKA Agent Hank Shrader – in the History Channel’s "Sons of Liberty," where the actor stars as Ben Franklin. He chatted with us about his love of "American Sniper" and Ben Franklin’s saucy fetishes.

FOX411: Humorist Jonathan Bloom is calling your Ben Franklin role – Ben "Hanklin." What was it like playing a founding father?

Dean Norris: It’s fantastic! It was really interesting to kind of get into these guys, or all of them as a guy who likes to learn about history, and in particular Ben Franklin’s. You know the real guyness of these guys. We’re used to what we think of them in our high school history classes but it was interesting to see they were guys. They were tough guys when you really think about it, and in particular Ben Franklin he loved the ladies.

FOX411: In the trailer you see Ben Franklin tickling a woman’s feet. Was a founding father a foot fetishist?

Norris: He was a fetishist in many ways not just with feet, that’s the guy he was. It’s fun to get to play him in a History Channel version.

FOX411: Do you think we’re seeing a resurgence of patriotism in entertainment with shows like this and movies like 'American Sniper?'

Norris: I don’t know if we are or not but I loved 'American Sniper' that was a fantastic movie and I recommend it to everybody.

I think people who sees ["Sons of Liberty"] will get, if they don’t already, will get a renewed appreciation of what it took to really become this country. I mean these guys – talk about revolutionaries – these guys who decided, “Hey, we’re not going to be bossed around by this king anymore and we’re going to start our own country.” It’s an amazing, amazing truly revolutionary idea and to see what they had to do to pull it off is an amazing concept.

FOX411: Let’s talk 'Breaking Bad.' Do you think you’ll always be known as Hank, and is it ok with you?

Norris: If I am it certainly would be ok with me. It was such a fantastic show to be a part of, and I love Hank Shrader and I loved playing him so if that ends up being the case I have no problem with it.

FOX411: Will you be making a cameo on ‘Better Call Saul?’

Norris: Certainly not in the first season. After that we don’t know. We’ll have to see.