Jason Statham, John Mayer, others help social media's #BottleCapChallenge go viral

A new social media challenge is taking the Internet by storm.

Thanks to now-viral videos posted by stars like actor Jason Statham and singer John Mayer, the #bottlecapchallenge is all the rave online.

The challenge calls for participants to place a bottle on a solid surface with the cap loosely twisted shut. Its objective is to untwist the cap with a back-spin kick without actually using your hands to touch the bottle.

Statham, 51, showed off his impressive moves in a slow-motion video posted to his Instagram account on Monday of himself successfully pulling it off after being challenged by Mayer. The “Hobbs & Shaw” star was met with much praise from fans and Hollywood peers alike for his ninja-like execution.


“And the winner is…” commented rapper and “Fast and Furious” star Ludacris.

Even Mayer conceded his defeat to Statham after witnessing his #bottlecapchallenge perfection. “You: tall Keanu. Me: short Keanu,” he commented.

The “Gravity” crooner had previously accepted the challenge from mixed martial artist Max Holloway and posted his own video to Instagram on Saturday.

More celebrities later put their own spin on the growing video trend, including "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds. In an official YouTube clip, the actor dramatically used the viral challenge to promote his brand of gin, Aviation, with rather interesting results.

One enthusiastic Reynolds fan commented on the video, writing, "AND THIS IS ONE OF THE FREAKING BILLION REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD LOVE RYAN REYNOLDS."

Another celebrity bottle cap video that's been gaining steam is one from martial arts star Donnie Yen, who successfully performed the stunt while completely blindfolded. The "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" actor pulled off the act without breaking a sweat.

Pop singer Ellie Goulding also joined in on the fun, uploading her own video to Twitter, where she performed the trick while barefoot. "Suck it," she wrote.

It’s safe to assume this challenge isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.