'Big Bang Theory' Season 11 teaser reveals more about Sheldon's proposal

With the return of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” just around the corner, fans were treated to their first look at the upcoming season. A teaser for the new episodes was released and it features a little glimpse into the now-infamous cliffhanger of Season 10.

For those that are unfamiliar, Season 10 ends with Sheldon flying directly to Princeton to propose to Amy after a coworker kissed him. Sadly, the season ended just before Amy could answer, or even properly react. In the new teaser, fans see that the moment in question will get a little more complicated thanks to an ill-timed phone call from Leonard.

Sadly, the trailer doesn’t offer much in terms of letting fans know whether or not Amy and Sheldon will actually get engaged. Furthermore, other than a few brief glimpses at Leonard, Howard and the gang, there’s not much discussion on where they’ll all be when Season 11 kicks off on September 25.

Right now is a good time for any Sheldon-centric stories as the CBS comedy is getting a single-camera prequel spinoff series called “Young Sheldon.” It will chronicle a 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper as the small genius begins high school in east Texas. Fortunately for “The Big Bang Theory” fans that aren’t ready to take on yet another show, creator Chuck Lorre explained to Entertainment Tonight that there’s no immediate plans to crossover the two shows.

“We’ve discussed that the stories we tell in ‘Young Sheldon’ can echo in ‘Big Bang Theory,’” he explained. “We might meet them on the ‘Big Bang Theory’ 20 years later. We’re definitely discussing the ripple effect that the shows can have going forward in time but we’re not there yet.”