Beyonce & Jay Z Flash Justin Bieber's Mug Shot During 'On The Run' Tour

Power couple Beyonce and Jay Z are on their "On The Run" tour, and they took the opportunity during their packed show to poke a little fun at Justin Bieber and a whole lot of other celebs who've found themselves getting booked after an arrest according to

The duo reminded the audience that "even the greatest can fall!"

As they delivered these words of wisdom, Justin's wide-smiling mug shot flashed on the massive screens behind them, along with a slew of other infamously arrested celebs.

Tupac Shakur, Bill Gates, 50 Cent, Russell Brand, and many other famous mug shots shared the screens with Bieber's, so at least the legally troubled pop-star is in good creative company.

Many fans in attendance tweeted about the mug shot during the concert.