Barbara Walters reveals she had a lumpectomy

Barbara Walters revealed at the Breast Cancer Research Symposium and Awards luncheon on Thursday that she underwent a lumpectomy — a surgery to remove cancerous or other abnormal tissue from her breast, reports The New York Post.

“Some years back, more than five now, I discovered a small lump in my breast,” she shared with the crowd at the Waldorf Astoria event.

“I had a lumpectomy. I hadn’t talked about it. There was no reason to. There were other choices that were possible, this was mine. I told few people and I am fine, I’ve had no recurrence.”

Walters, who was honored, shared her award with the event’s host, “GMA” anchor Amy Robach, who discovered she had cancer after an on-air mammogram.

“When [Amy] discovered she had breast cancer, she handled it in the most magnificent and wise, sensitive way,” Walters said. “I think what Amy has done, and the path she has chosen, has saved the lives of many women.”

Walters sister passed away from ovarian cancer, and the news legend has said she’s had her own ovaries removed for preventive reasons.