'Back to the Future Day' comes to life

It is “Back to the Future Day," October 21st, 2015 — the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to the future in 1985.

The movie, “Back to the Future Part II” starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, predicted what the future would hold. Some of those predictions came true and others… well, not so much.

- Video conference calls
Marty McFly video conferences with one of his co-workers, showing a futuristic video call. Skype and Facetime prove that prediction was spot on.

- Sports shakeups
The movie predicted that the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series in 2015, and there is a slight chance that could happen. The Chicago Cubs would need to win the National League Division Series first (they are currently down three games to none) and they would be on their way to ending their 100-year-plus World Series drought.

- Pepsi Perfect 
McFly drank a better version of soda called ‘Pepsi Perfect’ in the film, which resulted in Pepsi releasing the Pepsi Perfect beverage for “Back to the Future” fans. This was announced at Comic Con in NYC and is available online today.

More On This...

    - Fingerprint recognition
    The movie showed fingerprints instead of keys are used to open doors, and we use our fingerprints to unlock our various technological devices.

    - Obsessions with the past
    The film makes reference to a '80s style cafe dedicated to preserving the time of that decade, and in 2015 '80s nostalgia is going strong. (Proof: leggings.)

    But the film didn’t get everything right.

    - A woman in the Oval Office
    A female president was running the country in “Back to the Future’s” version of 2015. Today, we have yet to see a female president, although Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina are working to change that.

    - Ejection seats everywhere
    The movie also depicted ejection seats, which haven't made their way into our day-to-day lives; they only exist now as a safety precaution on some planes.

    - Cancer cure
    McFly picked up a newspaper containing an article claiming cholesterol may be the cure to cancer.  Today, still no cure.

    - Updated mailboxes
    The movie predicted we would have mailboxes equipped with fax machines, however, our mail boxes in 2015 still look like they did 30 years ago. And fax machines are already a relic. (Thanks Internet!)

    -Flying cars
    The movie depicted a flying car as Doc Brown told Marty “we don’t need roads.” Today, apart from some one-off prototypes, no flying cars.

    Even though some of the movie’s predictions fell flat, Variety awards editor Tim Gray told FOX411 the movie leaves folks with a message that has stood the test of time.

    "People really have embraced this movie,” he said. “I think not so much because of the predictions. First of all it’s a fun movie-it's got music, it's got a fun plot, it has heart and I think that’s why they embraced it. But the predictions of the future, a couple of them have actually happened, some of them are pretty farfetched and didn't happen but I think just the idea that the future is all about even more technology but somehow we will survive; I think that’s a reassuring message for people.”

    Syndicated radio host Ed Tyll said “Back to the Future Day” speaks to the film’s die-hard fans.

    “It speaks to all of the deepest dreams we all had as kids,” he said. “We grew up with those cartoons; the door would open and the broom would sweep the house for you—and we were little kids watching this on black and white TV’s. When we see this film, it brings us to life.”

    He added that the movie allowed viewers to create a very clear mental image of the future.

    “Isn’t that the phenomenal magic of American film in its great story telling platform,” Tyll continued. “What they were able to do was let us feel what that hoverboard could be like—all we ever had were drawings in our head.”