Anna Faris' dog found emaciated on the streets?

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An animal shelter reportedly wants $5,000 from Anna Faris after the pet she adopted was found on the streets.

According to TMZ, Faris adopted a Chihuahua four years ago and he was recently found wandering the streets, emaciated. The shelter was contacted after the dog’s microchip was tracked, and the animal adoption center claims Faris violated a contract she signed when she adopted Pete that stated she would let the shelter know if she ever handed the pup over to a new owner.

Sources connected to Faris told TMZ the actress and her actor husband, Chris Pratt, found a new home for Pete. It was not immediately clear if that arrangement was temporary or permanent.

The adoption center, Kinder4Rescue, told TMZ Faris will have to prove the dog was lost and she was working to find him if she wants to avoid the fine.

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