Anna Benson reportedly implicated in 1996 Tennessee murder

“Baseball Wives” star Anna Benson is currently in jail in Marietta, Ga., for allegedly breaking into her estranged husband’s home and threatening him with a gun. But it turns out, according to the New York Daily News, this isn’t the former stripper’s first run-in with the law.

The newspaper reported that back in 1996 Benson—who was then named Anna Warren—lived in a rundown Tennessee apartment that was adorned with satanic graffiti and anti-police messages. At 19, Anna reportedly became the subject of a manhunt after an 18-year-old man named Michael Evans was murdered in her apartment.

The newspaper reports that Anna fled town when she and then boyfriend Paul Dejongh were charged with the murder of Evans. She was captured five months later and charges against her were eventually dropped, the Daily News reports citing court records.

“She got away with murder,” Evans’ father, Michael Evans Sr., told the Daily News.

The same year her charges were dropped, Anna reportedly met Kris Benson at the strip club she worked at, and the two married in 1999.

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But in 2012, Kris filed for divorce and the two have been struggling through their messy split ever since. Their arguing reached a boiling point last week when Anna was arrested on after she allegedly donned a bulletproof vest and burst into Kris’ home, ready to attack.

According to a police report sent to FOX411, once there, Anna smashed his computer with a metal baton and wore an ammo belt, which police later found when they searched her. They also found that she had a knife with her.

Kris claims Anna made it known that she had a gun and demanded he pay her $30,000. He appeased her by claiming he was going to get the money and then escaped and called police.

Kris currently has custody of the couple’s three children, and, according to the New York Daily News, he also helped her raise her daughter from a previous marriage, Alyssa Warren.