American Idol: Jennifer Lopez Tears Up, Again; Reveals Surprise Twist

Jennifer Lopez showed her sexy compassion once again on Thursday night’s episode of American Idol.

Despite showing a tougher, no-none sense JLO in season 11 of the show, Lopez caved into her sentimental side as she broke the news to “gentle giant” Jermaine Jones and David “Mr. Steal-Your-Girl” Leathers that they did not make the top 24.

As expected the two passionate contestants were crushed, shedding tears prompting Lopez and the rest of the judges to get somber and teary eyed themselves.

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During Jones’ first audition, Lopez felt the Lord’s spirit as the 6 foot 8 ½ inches Jones stood out right away, not only for his height, but for what Steven Tyler called his “spiritual voice.”

“It’s a natural gift that you have in the way that you sing that you don’t hear everyday,” said Lopez satisfied with Jones’ audition.

Unfortunately, Jones had a breakdown minutes before being told he would not make a part of the top 24.

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“It’s mind bottling,” Jones said crying. “I've seen so many people go home. I don't want to be a disappointment to my family… my momma.”

"You had some real shining moments,” Lopez told Jones. “It was a joy to watch you.”

“We’re going to miss you,” she continued. “You did such a good job and you got so far," she added before wiping off the tears from her eyes.

The “I’m Into You” star had a similar reaction when rejecting Leathers from the top 24.

With stress all over her face, holding her forehead Lopez said “I’m glad that s*** is over."

Leathers Jr., a.k.a. “Mr. Steal your girl” as he is called, blew the judges minds away during his first audition with his unique tone, which Jackson said reminded him of “a young Michael [Jackson.]"

The guilt might have been too much to bare for Lopez. Not long after sending Jones and Leathers packing, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest announced that another male contestant would be brought back.

The underdog will be revealed on Tuesday, the first live shows round.

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In the hopes of putting a smile on Lopez’s face, former Aerosmith rock star Steven Tyler stripped down and skinny dipped into Le Reve’s pool. 

"Hold my clothes," Tyler told music producer Randy Jackson as JLO screamed.

“I heard this scream from Jennifer Lopez,” Seacrest told Jay Leno in an interview. “I looked up and she was standing over the Le Rêve pool… screaming, looking down at a naked body in the water!" reports that the naked body was none other than Tyler imitating the underwater dancers who perform the in the hotel’s "Le Rêve - The Dream" show.

"Hey, I'm from Boston!" Tyler said. "I just thought, I've watched the show all week and I'm a water guy and... I just wanted a good excuse to take my clothes off in front of JLO.”

Tyler added that he “wanted her to see what she was missing."

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