'American Idol' finale drives angry fans to social media to complain about the results

After a contentious and outrageous season, ABC’s “American Idol” revival came to a close and finally crowned its winner. However, with every happy fan of the first place winner, there were a number of fans upset that their pick didn’t win.

The two-hour finale packed performances from the judges, a slew of stars and, of course, the three remaining contestants, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Gabby Barrett and Maddie Poppe. After weeks of singing their heart out and climbing to the top of the ladder for America’s vote, only one of the fan-beloved contestants could win.

In the midst of all the songs and celebration, host Ryan Seacrest gathered all three on stage for the first elimination of the night. First he named Hutchinson as safe. After some nail-biting and tension, he was forced to inform Barrett that her journey on the “Idol” stage had come to a close.

While fans of Hutchinson and Poppe breathed a sigh of relief, fans of Barret took to Twitter to voice their displeasure at the show that axed their artist of choice.

“Who cares about American Idol now because Gabby should have won,” one user wrote.

“Not only is American Idol rigged but Gabby not winning is the biggest upset of 2018,” another angry user posted.

“I don’t understand how Gabby didn’t win American Idol and I’m actually really annoyed right now about it….. Still hoping to hear her on the radio someday,” another posted.

While many were bitter that Gabby didn't win, the night took a positive turn as remaining contestants Hutchinson and Poppe revealed to the American public that they're dating. Still, despite the romance, fans had their alleginces and voiced them on Twitter once Seacrest gathered the happy couple again on stage to announce Poppe as ABC's first American Idol. Some fans even went as far as to call the whole show rigged in ABC's hands.

"Honestly... before this episode began, I was completely okay with Maddie Poppe winning. But now? Now it's just ruined because it was very obviously staged with her and Caleb," one user wrote of the surprise announcement.

"American Idol is rigged," another remarked.

"Good ole fashioned screw job on @AmericanIdol I am not happy," wrote one.

"Now we all know Caleb should have won.. I'm so disappointed in America's vote," another noted.

"So once again tonight proved American Idol is just a popularity contest....." another said.