'Addicted' star William Levy is tired of just being the hunk, open to gay roles and telenovela with Thalia

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William Levy is known as a hunk, a heartthrob, and he's even been nicknamed the "Cuban Brad Pitt."

"It gets annoying," Levy told Fox News Latino of the nickname. "Yeah, because I have my own name."

There are worse things to be known as, but it turns out the 34-year-old Cuban actor is tired of being labeled as the 'hot guy' and wants his brand to count for more than a chiseled six pack.

"I’m not a model, man. I’m an actor. I prefer hearing someone say ‘he’s a good actor,'" the two-time Sexiest Man Alive explained. "I like to [interpret] a character, not really being seen as the good looking guy. I don’t like that."

In a wide-ranging interview with FNL, the father of two talked about everything from phone sex, to his effort to expand his brand, his willingness to do a telenovela with Thalia, and even play gay movie roles.

"Now, you can’t have sex on the phone. I mean, that’s fun, of course, we got to be honest."

— William Levy on recent celebrity nude photo leak

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"I'll have to see. I'm not against that — not at all," but, he said, it'll ultimately be up to the script and whether the character shows a depth of emotion and is inspirational.

Levy, who is not married but has a longtime girlfriend, started his career as a model. Then became a telenovela sensation starring in prime-time Latino soap-operas "Cuidado del Angel" and more recently "La Tempestad. He crossed over into the mainstream in 2011 playing the stud in Jennifer Lopez's music video "I'm into You," finished third in Dancing with the Stars in 2012, and last year was in Tyler Perry's "The Single Moms Club." He's also recently starred in commercials for M&M's and Pepsi.

Now, Levy is starring in "Addicted," a new film opening October 10th, based on the best-selling novel by Zane. "Addicted" is about a successful businesswoman Zoe Reynard (Sharon Leal) who seemingly has the perfect life, husband (Boris Kodjoe) and kids, but becomes drawn to a life of infidelity and sex with multiple men. In the film Levy plays Quentin Matthews, an artist who Reynard gets addicted to. Tyson Beckford plays another one of those men. Levy said Matthews has many different layers, including a dark side and he thinks the role gives fans a chance to see a new side of him.

"That’s why I wanted to do it. You’re going to see a different me. I haven’t done anything like this in my career before," Levy said to Fox News Latino.

The movie, like the book, is filled with steamy sex scenes between Levy and Leal.

"[Sex scenes] are always a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but you know, you work on it," he said of filming the scenes. "You got a director there, and you got a good partner there. You get through that."

Speaking of sex, the actor weighed in on "The Fappening" — the scandal involving the release of private celebrity nude photos and he said he's actually "scared" of the whole privacy invasion.

"I’m starting to worry about that, with all these pictures coming out," Levy laughingly said. "Now, you can’t have sex on the phone. I mean, that’s fun, of course, we got to be honest."

Levy will continue pursuing roles that expand his brand, he told FNL, but he's still willing to do telenovelas — especially if they include soap opera legend Thalia.

"We’ve talked about it," he said. "We have a good relationship. We’ve said if we have a chance, it’s hard sometimes, she has her stuff, I have my stuff."

Though, Levy admits, it would have to be something that doesn't include nine months shooting in a studio. He thinks telenovelas are just too time-consuming and prefers doing movies which allow actors to concentrate more on acting and less on rushing to shoot the next scene.