'A Christmas Story' bully suing over movie merchandise

The bully from the 1983 classic “A Christmas Story” is back to his trouble-maker ways.

Zach Ward, who played Scut Farkus in the flick, is suing National Entertainment Collectables Association, a merchandise company that creates products based on the holiday movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Ward, who was 12 when he starred in the film, claims the company is using his image to market products, and he isn’t making any of the profits.

Now at 42, Ward is upset over movie memorabilia that uses his image. Though many of the actors signed contracts to allow their characters to be used for merchandise, Ward reportedly never signed such an agreement. This may be because he was initially brought on to the film to play a minor role, but he was later given more lines.

Ward was allegedly shocked in 2010 when a fan handed him “A Christmas Story” themed board game to sign, the Hollywood Reported said, and he later discovered other products, such as a calendar and playing cards, that used his image.

The lawsuit is expected to head to trial in January.

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