20 of This Year's Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

If Instagram is any indication, the stars love dressing up for Halloween just like the rest of us. From the spooky and scary to the cute and creative, FNM has compiled some of this year's best celebrity Halloween looks.

It goes without saying that Heidi Klum had this year's best costume (she's at the bottom), but take a minute to see who else made our list:

The power couple went incognito in Mexican candy skull masks while trick-or-treating with their two children, Ben and Vivian.

Another celeb who chose to go undercover, Ryan Reynolds dressed as Marvel anti-hero Deadpool to trick-or-treat with some mini superheroes in his neighborhood.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so New England Patriots' star Julian Edelman dressed as Bill Belichick, the team's coach.

Lebron James put on quite a show dressed as legendary musician Prince.

Talk about spooky #squadgoals. James Franco and friends dressed as a group of skeletons.

Jessica Alba brought the '90s back as Romy from "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion." We can only hope that she carried lots of Post-Its along to complete the costume.

Throwing back to another classic movie from decades past, Jessica Simpson and husband Eric Johnson nailed their looks from "National Lampoon's Vacation."

"Pretty Little Liars" star Shay Mitchell donned a red wig to transform into Poison Ivy.

Sarah Hyland and her crew dressed in Halloween's most popular costumes () and went as the Suicide Squad.

Swift wasn't going to let a little concert get in the way of her Halloween fun. She and Idina Menzel dressed as characters from Disney's popular movie "Frozen" to perform "Let It Go" in Tampa.

Everyone loves a clever costume, and Katy Perry totally delivered with her *mic drop* costume.

We did a double-take when we saw this picture of Candace Cameron-Bure as Rizzo from "Grease."

Anne Hathaway looked pretty comfy in a onesie that doubled as a unicorn costume.

We're not totally sure what a "haute couture skeleton" means, but we know that Jennifer Lopez pulled it off.

The youngest Jenner went down the revealing route (surprise) and dressed "Xena: Warrior Princess" from the popular '90s show.

The Biebs rocked some short-shorts and a wig to become Will Ferrell's "Semi-Pro" character Jackie Moon.

Gigi nailed her "Sandy" look from the movie "Grease." We can only hope she and Candace Cameron-Bure got together for a slumber party later that night to gossip about summer lovin'.

Emily Ratajkowski went all out to become Marge Simpson, complete with a big blue wig and yellow makeup.

It was a family affair. Beyonce got her squad to dress as some of the characters from the Eddie Murphy comedy "Coming to America."

Last but certainly not least, Heidi Klum used makeup and prosthetics to transform into a real-life Jessica Rabbit. We think it's safe to say she won Halloween.