Video captures 3-year-old riding motorcycle on public road at 40 mph

Where’s Ripley when you need him?

An unbelievable video has surfaced from India that shows three people riding on a motorcycle without helmets.

That may not sound so strange, except that the one in control of the steering and throttle is just a 3-year-old.

In the clip, which was shot in the northern state of Haryana, the motorcycle zooms past traffic at speeds of up to 40 mph while the child looks straight ahead and his adult passengers enjoy the ride, SWNS reported.

The ride apparently ended without incident, but that’s not often the case on India’s roads. According to government statistics, there are approximately 150,000 road deaths in the country each year, with about half occurring on motorcycles.

For the record, the youngest age you can get a license to drive a motorcycle in India is 16, and that only covers scooters and bikes with engines smaller than 50cc. Helmets are required by law for all riders, although some religious exemptions apply.