Verizon Hum Rider rises above traffic

Verizon has built a sky-high SUV to promote its cloud-connected automotive tech.

The Hum Rider is a Jeep Grand Cherokee fitted with a custom undercarriage that can lift it about five feet in the air, giving it enough clearance to beat traffic by driving over it.

The vehicle was designed by special effects house A2ZFX, and uses a Honda generator to run its hydraulic lift system and in-wheel electric motors, according to Mashable.

As it rises into the air, the lifts spread wide enough to straddle small cars, while a four-camera system gives the driver a bird’s eye view.

In a video produced by viral marketing outfit Thinkmodo, the Jeep passes over a row of compact cars and maybe a pickup, although an edit just as it’s about to clear the truck suggests some Hollywood trickery.

Unfortunately, the Hum Rider won’t be coming to the rescue of any commuters soon, but the tech it's selling could. Verizon’s Hum subscription service brings a suite of telematics features to older and otherwise unequipped cars that includes vehicle diagnostics, emergency assistance, and a speeding alert for when you loan the car to your kids, but not an altimeter.