Unusual and cruel? Police pull over pickup with horse riding in the bed

A Texas man spotted carrying a horse in the back of his pickup on the highway this week didn’t get a moving violation for it, because it’s technically not illegal, but police reported him for animal cruelty charges.

The unusual sight was captured on film near Corrigan by passing motorist Ami Parbs, who said she owns miniature horses. According to Parbs, the vehicle was traveling at 70 mph.

"The horse did not look spooked, he looked healthy, actually he looked like he was enjoying the wind blowing in his mane," Parbs told KTRK.

"The only thing I wish he'd done differently is put the eye covers on."

Texas law allows adults, animals and, in some circumstances, children to ride unsecured in a pickup bed.

Shortly after the video was shot, police pulled over the driver and ticketed him for having a taillight out.

He explained the situation by telling the officers that his horse trailer was broken and that he needed to get the animal to work at the Stockyards.

In the complaint, police said the horse was being held in place only by the reigns and had its hooves near the edge of the open truck bed.

Help was requested from a nearby livestock barn to transport it the rest of the way.

The case is now being reviewed by the Polk County District Attorney’s office.