Toyota's tear gas system designed to smoke out car crooks

Toyota has designed an in-car perfuming system that could really stink for car thieves.http://WWW.FOXNEWSAUTOS.COM

The automaker has filed for a patent on a system that can either release a custom scent into a car based on a personal profile stored on a driver’s mobile device, or a theft repellant.

Instead of a pleasant aroma, Toyota says the system can fill the cabin with immobilizing tear gas if it detects that someone is trying to steal the car. The patent, first reported on by WhichCar, describes how a pressurized canister would be integrated into the design and able to release the gas through the ventilation system.


Mercedes-Benz currently offers a similar perfume system on many models, but without the connect feature or ability to ward off crooks.

Toyota’s also takes it a step further by first spraying deodorizer to clear out the previous scent, though it doesn’t suggest that it would work on the tear gas.

In any event, Toyota has not yet announced plans to put anything like the system in a production car.