This is alarming: Man starts selling dirty underwear on Ebay as car security system

Attention car thieves: don’t forget to bring gloves.

And a nose plug.

A British author has stumbled onto a new business venture after selling a pair of soiled underwear on Ebay as a car security system for $12.

The ad shows a dirty pair of red briefs wrapped around a steering wheel and pitches it as “THE BEST STEERING LOCK EVER - GUARANTEED TO PUT ANY CAR THIEF OFF NICKING YOUR CAR!”

Seller Nick Fisher told SWNS that he made the listing as a prank to promote his latest work, “The Best Husband and Wife Joke Book,” which is full of goofball humor, and was shocked to make an actual sale.

“But as they say, ‘The customer is always right.’ I’ll still send them out. Why disappoint the customer, even if they are a bit warped?”

Fisher said that he got the idea when he came home from the gym one day and saw a pile of dirty underwear in the laundry. So he spread some Marmite onto a pair for effect and wrapped them around the wheel of his BMW.

"I have several pairs available, and in various colors, though all of them are shaded the same in the middle-brown,” Fisher said.

It’s not the most surprising sale he’s made recently, however.

Fisher told the Stockport Express that he received an order for a copy of his book from someone named Anthony “Blues and Royals” Henderson to be sent to HRH Prince Harry, Kensington Palace, London prior to Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle.

Although he never confirmed it, he presumed that it was a gag gift sent by one of Harry’s old army pals.

“I’m sure he will have heard similar jokes in the army so hopefully he will have a broad sense of humor and like it,” Fisher told the newspaper.