The big one? 300 birds mysteriously crash into NASCAR Hall of Fame

A bizarre incident occurred in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday night when 300 birds crashed into the NASCAR Hall of Fame building.

(Google Earth)

A video originally posted to Facebook shows the chimney swifts slamming into the structure’s large glass frontage, which the witness told the Charlotte Observer continued for over an hour.

According to Fox 46, 100 of the birds died, 100 were severely injured and 100 were stunned by the impacts. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is treating the birds and asking for donations toward the effort.

While an estimated 1 billion birds are killed annually by flying into windows in the U.S. during migratory periods, Audobon North Carolina senior network manager Kim Brand told the Observer that it’s unusual for chimney swifts to do so and that the organization has never seen an event of this scale.


“It’s also odd that these swifts were out last night after 9 p.m. Normally, even during migration, Chimney Swifts go to roost in a chimney for the night around dusk. Yesterday, the sun set around 7 p.m,” Brand said.

The organization has recommended that the museum turn off the lights through the end of the migration season in November.