Tesla says it will fight racial discrimination lawsuit to 'the ends of the Earth'

Tesla has responded to a lawsuit accusing the company of being a “hotbed of racist behavior,” by calling the litigation a “hotbed of misinformation.”

In a blog post published late Tuesday evening, the company said the class-action suit, filed Monday in California state court by civil rights lawyers representing former contract employee Marcus Vaughan, was filled with inaccurate allegations.

The suit claims Vaughan was called the “n-word” by supervisors daily at Tesla's Freemont, Calif., factory, that the human resources department failed to follow-up on his complaints, and that he was fired for “not having a positive attitude.”

Not so, according to Tesla, whose official statement says it was made aware of a group of African-American and Hispanic employees working in Vaughan’s sphere who allegedly used “racial language, including the ‘n-word’ and ‘w-word,’ towards each other and a threat of violence,” and ultimately fired three of the individuals after an investigation, calling the decision “the fair and just response to the facts that we learned.”

Vaughan, Tesla says, was working through a temp agency and let go at the end of a scheduled six-month contract, and not fired for cause.

Without mentioning a name, the post accuses one of the lawyers behind the legal action of having a history of filing meritless lawsuits, and says Tesla would “rather pay ten times the settlement demand in legal fees and fight to the ends of the Earth than give in to extortion and allow this abuse of the legal system.”