Singapore is capping the number of cars allowed in the country

And you thought you had trouble finding a space for your car.

Singapore has announced it is capping the number of vehicles in the country, starting next year.

The 277-square-mile city-state currently has over 600,000 cars, trucks and motorcycles operating within it, and the government says it doesn’t have any room left to build the infrastructure to accommodate more.

Singapore has severely restricted the grown of its vehicle population for years, which was most recently set at .25 percent annually. As a result, bidding for just the certificates that allow vehicle ownership has risen to over $30,000 for cars and trucks and $3,000 for motorcycles, according to Reuters.

The new rule goes into effect in February, 2018, so any new cars after that will need to be offset by others being taken off the road.

The new limit will be reviewed in 2020.