Simon Cowell Wants President Obama's Limo

LONDON -- Security-conscious Simon Cowell is obsessed with President Barack Obama's bomb-proof Cadillac -- known as The Beast, The Sun reported Wednesday.

The car-mad "X Factor" boss, who has a fleet of luxury vehicles, has ordered staff to get him his own version of the sleek, black limo.

His spokesman Max Clifford said the star, worth $324 million, had been in touch about the car, shipped over for the President's trip to Britain and Ireland.

Clifford said, "Simon Cowell phoned me ... and said he wants the same car as Obama."

The limo's long list of security features include an armor-plated fuel tank, puncture-resistant tires and bullet-proof glass.

His normal mode of transport is a Rolls-Royce -- he owns one in the US and another in London. His security was stepped up three years ago after a tracking device was found on his London Roller.

A source, cited by The Sun, said, "Simon's love of cars is borderline obsessional. He took one look at Obama's Beast and his first thought was, 'I need one.' Obviously, it is not as simple as walking into a Cadillac showroom and getting one. A beast would take months, if not years, to complete."

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