Rusty Plymouth Superbird on Craigslist could be someone's $250,000 golden egg

There’s a classic car on Craigslist that’s not so super, but very much could be.

It’s a 1970 Plymouth Superbird that could be would be worth $250,000 or more if it were in great shape, which it very much isn’t.

(The Superbird's body was designed to dominate on NASCAR's high-speed ovals.)

The rusted-out Nascar special gained attention on due to its rarity. It’s one of about 300 that were equipped with a 440 six-barrel V8 and a four-speed manual transmission. The seller says that the engine shows 48,000 miles and is original, but had the factory carburetor setup replaced with a dual quad unit at some point.

The ‘Bird’s B-5 blue paint and white interior combination make it even more uncommon, but the fact that its body is sketchy, it needs new floorpans and its signature nosecone is sitting across the yard from the rest of the car isn’t doing it any favors.

Knowing its potential value, the Massachusetts-based seller is asking an optimistic, yet arguably reasonable $70,000 firm to anyone up to the challenge of making it fly again.