Crews rescue two men and dog after driver follows GPS directions into raging river

Has Michael Scott transferred to the U.K. office?


Rescue teams in the town of Ripon had to rescue two men and a bulldog on Monday after a truck driver followed his satellite navigation system’s directions into a fast-moving river, reminiscent of a scene from "The Office" where Steve Carell's mistakenly drives his car into a lake.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue station manager tweeted about his interaction with the driver.

"I had one question only, ‘Why did you attempt this?’ The response was my SatNav said this way. Unbelievable stupidity," SWNS reported.


Technically, the device in the Ford Transit flatbed wasn’t wrong, but was directing him down a paved ford across the River Skell that is typically covered with just a few inches of water. However, heavy rains in the area had caused it to rise several feet.

(Google Street View)

A sign at the entrance to the ford warns that it may be unpassable at times.

The passenger, Kieren Gibbons, made a video of the incident, which he told The Mirror could’ve been much worse.

"The emergency services said we could have lost our lives if we were two feet deeper. We would have been swept away down the river. It was proper bad. It was flowing really fast, about 70 mph apparently.”

Crews needed to enter the water to hook up a winch to pull the truck and its passengers to safety.