Porsche’s first Super Bowl ad since 1997 focuses on two things: silence and speed.

The automaker has released an extended cut of the commercial called “The Heist” on YouTube ahead of the big game.

It begins at the company’s museum in Germany, where a masked man quietly drives an all-electric Porsche Taycan off its stand and through the exhibits as security guards make their rounds.

But just as he’s about to make his escape he drives through a laser beam that sets off an alarm and the guards jump into action … and into the other cars.

Each grabs a classic Porsche -- including a 50-year-old 917 LeMans racing car and a farm tractor -- and pursue him out onto the public roads.

At one point, the Taycan slows down as it passes a police car … but so do the security guards. We won't spoil the twist.


The Taycan is Porsche’s first electric car and the first direct competitor for the Tesla Model S. Prices start at $103,800 before taxes and fees, and it is currently available in versions that offer a maximum of 201 miles between charges, according to the EPA.