Love it or hate it? Toyota Concept-i has emotions

A lot of people have an emotional attachment to their cars. Now there’s one that can reciprocate.

It’s the Toyota Concept-i, and it has the feels.


The futuristic coupe introduced at CES uses artificial intelligence to learn your behavior, anticipate your needs, and commune through lights and displays scattered throughout the cabin.


If it senses you need a little help driving, due to road conditions or your level of attention, it automatically begins engaging autonomous driver aids, or can completely take control, when necessary.

It also interacts with other drivers and pedestrians through OLEDs hidden in its bodywork that can display messages like “Hello!,” “Turning Left!,” and “Watch out!”

Toyota’s goal was to turn today’s cold technology into something a bit warm and fuzzy for the future, say around 2030.

As outlandish as the idea behind the Concept-i may seem, it’s trending. Honda’s CES concept, the boxy NeuV, also features an AI emotion generator.

Maybe the two cars can be friends?


Toyota i-Road Test Drive: