Instagram model Daria Radionova covered her Lamborghini Aventador in millions of Swarvoski crystals

Just in case a V12-powered black Lamborghini Aventador wasn’t enough to stand out from the crowd, one owner has taken things to the extreme by coating hers in two million Swarovski crystals.

At a supercar parade through central London this week, Russian model and blogger Daria Radionova helped stop traffic with her matte black Aventador coated in the glistening crystals.

While some in the crowd were questioning whether they were real Swarovski crystals, Radionova used various hashtags on her Instagram account suggesting they were — and that there were two million of them in total.

There are even different colored crystals used for the stylised SV lettering at the rear of the car on each side, as well as for the lower spoilers, emphasizing how much effort has been put into making the car stand out.

To top off the brash look Radionova’s Lamborghini sported “DAR IIA” number plates, ensuring there was no doubt who was behind the wheel.

While most of the Aventador is covered in crystals, there are areas left untouched, such as the side air intakes and huge rear wing.

No word on how the crystals will go coping with the intense heat from the quad exhausts allowing the 6.5-liter 730 hp V12 to breathe.

It’s not the first time Radionova has turned to the Austrian crystal specialist when modifying a car.

She has previously coated a Mercedes-Benz CLS in crystals as well as a Lamborghini Huracan.

But the Aventador tops those with the sheer number of crystals, something that would no doubt have added hundreds of kilograms to its otherwise lightweight body, which is made entirely of carbon fiber in an effort to keep weight down.

While there’s a fair chance it won’t quite match its claimed 2.8-second dash to 100 km/h due to the additional weight, it still makes the appropriate noise.

The car was apparently modified by Cars in Cloaks, based in London, which described it as: “If Bruce Wayne was a girl this would be his car.”

In the past Radionova has also flown her trusted jewelers in from Russia to spend months applying the crystals.

The modifications took 700 hours; two months’ work if her team worked 12 hours a day.

This story originally appeared on News.Com.Au