Unique electric Chevrolet Camaro that could be worth more than $500G up for auction

There's an electric Chevrolet Camaro for sale. Literally just one.

The automaker developed the eCOPO Camaro last year to demonstrate a prototype powertrain featuring an electric motor pack that could be swapped into a car built for an internal combustion V8 and bolted directly to a conventional transmission.


The unit features a pair of Borg Warner-sourced motors good for 700 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque and was installed under the hood of a Camaro drag car by Hancock and Lane racing along with a 700-pound 800-volt lithium-ion battery pack in the trunk.

The team ran the car at several test sessions where it wowed the crowd by pulling wheelies off the line and running the quarter-mile in a best time of 9.51 seconds at 140 mph. GM doesn’t have immediate plans to put a complete car like it into production, but said it could potentially offer the powertrain to racecar builders someday.


In the meantime, the eCOPO will be crossing the block at the upcoming Russo and Steele auction in Monterey, Calif., on Aug 16. It popped up on the company’s website last week without any fanfare from General Motors, but that's because Hancock and Lane owns the car and is the consigner.

(Russo and Steele)

The eCOPO is being offered with an undisclosed reserve and the auction house has given it a pre-sale estimate of $425,000 to $525,000, but Woodhall said it was harder than usual to come up with a number given the unique nature of the car.


This story has been updated with new information to clarify the identity of the seller