Cops expect an arrest in Ferrari test drive theft soon, based on tips and forensic evidence

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German investigators are confident they will soon arrest a man who stole a rare vintage Ferrari during a test drive, after collecting new evidence in the case.

Dusseldorf police said on Friday that they have received dozens of tips and have retrieved hair, fingerprint and DNA evidence from the multimillion-dollar sports car.

(Dusseldorf police)

“We think we've got pretty good odds,” a police spokesman said, according to Bild.

(Dusseldorf police)

The suspect was posing as a prospective customer for the 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO when a classic car dealership salesman accompanied him on a test drive on Monday. Midway through the planned drive the employee asked the man to pull over so they could switch seats, but when he got out of the passenger seat the suspect sped off with the car.

The suspect was caught on camera prior to the test drive.

The suspect was caught on camera prior to the test drive. (Dusseldorf police)

Police recovered the car in a garage in on Tuesday and released a photo of the suspect that was taken while he was inspecting the car prior to the drive. Bild reports that the forensic evidence is currently being run through databases while police evaluate the tips.


Ferrari built just 272 examples of the 288 GTO and one with 2,900 miles on it was auctioned in January for over $3.3 million. The Dusseldorf car is listed with 27,000 miles on the odometer and is estimated to be worth $2.2 million or more.