1980s FBI spy van with all of its surveillance gadgets auctioned on eBay

A vintage FBI surveillance van dating back to William S. Sessions' tenure as Director was auctioned off on eBay.

Ginter Senfeldas started the bidding for the brown spy vehicle at 99 cents. Forty-seven bids later, the 1989 Dodge Ram 350 sold for nearly $19,000.

Senfeldas’ eBay profile says the spy van was used by an FBI surveillance team, and boasts all of the state-of-the-art-at-the-time gadgets.

The gently used van, with only 23,500 miles on the odometer, is equipped with a toilet in the back for those long stakeouts. It also includes video recorders, radar, propane tanks, speakers, intercoms, LCD screens, double locks on the doors, a generator, it can be turned on/off from the back, and even comes with old surveillance tapes and notebooks.

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“It has tapes left over from investigations. It’s got CD’s. It has so many compartments… a lot of wall plugs,” he described in a YouTube video.

Senfeldas says he found hidden cameras and audio listening equipment throughout the inside and outside of the vehicle.

“There’s little holes in the lights…It has camera’s in all these corners...in the holes of each of these barriers.”

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The Alcatraz East Crime Museum won the bid for the vehicle.

They hope to make an online announcement about their new exhibit.

“I just wish the best to the museum to have it and to see the peoples expressions and reaction,” Senfeldas told Fox News. “I like how everyone can go their and check it out and see the way it was.“