1,000 mph car on sale for $313G, needs work

You won’t find a project car like this on Craigslist.

A jet- and rocket-powered supersonic streamliner engineered to go over 1,000 mph is for sale after the project behind it went bankrupt.

The Bloodhound SSC is the result of a decade-long effort to break the existing land speed record of 763 mph, which was set in 1997.

It’s hit 200 mph in testing on an airport runway and was set to go for 600 mph next year on a dry lake bed in South Africa that has been prepped for the attempt.

But the money behind it has dried up, so everything is being liquidated, in pieces if necessary.

Driver Andy Green told the BBC that the car itself can be had for £250,000, or about $313,000, which is less than many supercars.

(Bloodhound SSC)

Unfortunately, it'll take about $33 million and plenty of knowhow to get the car ready to run, but Green (who was the one in the car that did 763 mph) and his team are available for hire if anyone wants to pony up for the whole kit and kaboodle.

"We have basically completed the main structure, the desert is ready, we just need the funding,” Green said.