Yemen Central Bank: Saudi-led coalition strangling economy

Yemen's Central Bank, based in the country's south, is accusing a Saudi-led coalition of blocking flights bringing cash to the country and "strangling" its economy.

Governor Mansr al-Qaiti says the blockade deprives Yemen's internationally-recognized government of the ability to pay salaries for 1 million civil servants.

He says the coalition, which is fighting Shiite Houthi rebels to restore al-Qaiti's government, banned 13 flights carrying cash to the southern port city of Aden since April, "without justification or clear reason."

Sunday's statement expressed "deep regret for such impediments," saying they undermine the bank's daily business and accusing the coalition of "strangling" Yemen's economy.

Since the Houthis overran northern Yemen and seized the capital, Sanaa, the government has worked from Aden.

Al-Qaiti's remarks reflect deep divisions between the coalition and the government.