VIDEO: Police Escorts Chicken To Safety In Georgia

Let's get the obvious joke out of the way: Why did the chicken cross the road? We're not exactly sure, but SKYFOX 5 was over the scene on Friday as officers attempted to escort a chicken to safety on Interstate 285.

Somehow the chicken ended up on the median of I-285 northbound near the Northlake Parkway area in DeKalb County.

Two officers were seen crossing the interstate, which was already backed up due to a vehicle fire, to get to the chicken. One officer stood by as the chicken clucked down the road. The officer then got in his motorcycle and appeared to escort the chicken a little further down the street before apparently moving on to other business.

At last check, the chicken was still making its way down the interstate.

It's not known where the chicken came from or where it was headed. Or, of course, why it crossed the road in the first place.

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