Rector of Legion-run seminary leaving after fathering 2 kids

The Legion of Christ religious order, stained by revelations that its founder sexually abused seminarians and fathered several children, is dealing with a new credibility scandal.

In a letter released by the Legion on Saturday, the rector of its diocesan seminary in Rome, the Rev. Oscar Turrion, admitted he had fathered two children and is leaving the priesthood.

Turrion was rector of the Pontifical Maria Mater Eclesiae International College, a residence for diocesan seminarians who study at Rome's ecclesial universities. Currently some 107 seminarians live there, most from India, Africa and Latin America.

The Legion said it was "conscious of the impact that the negative example" of Turrion's case created for seminarians and the Christian faithful, and said it was committed to a path of renewal.