On Good Friday, Hundreds in Jerusalem Retrace the Final Footsteps of Jesus Christ

As Christians around the world celebrate Good Friday hundreds of the faithful came to Jerusalem's Old City to walk the Via Dolorosa, known in Latin 'as the way of sorrows,' to retrace the final footsteps of Jesus Christ.

There are 14 different stations marking events that befell Christ along the way. Many of the pilgrims read passages from the bible explaining each station.

Rain throughout the day didn't dampen the determination of those walking, some bearing crosses and singing hymns. Israeli police were on standby throughout the Old City to maintain orderly, peaceful processions.

"It was always a dream of mine to come to Jerusalem and the Holy Land," said John Polse, a tourist from Connt. "I am a Roman Catholic and this is really a sacred site for our religion. And to be able to come during Easter was just an added blessing."

"It kind of indescribable," said Brian Shrager of Dallas, Tex. "It's really great. As a Christian, as a Catholic, it really makes the Passion, the gospels sort come off the page."

The unrest throughout the Arab world didn't prevent tourists from coming. More than 100 thousand tourists are expected to visit Israel this week alone. Israeli's tourism ministry says the numbers are about the same as last year.

This year the Orthodox and Catholic Christian calendars will celebrate Easter on the same day. Saturday is known as Holy Fire Saturday a large fire will be lit inside the Holy Sepulchre Church, built over the spot believed to be where Jesus was crucified, buried, and rose from the dead.