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Tension builds between Hamas and Israel

Col. Cedric Leighton and Christian Whiton weigh in on the escalating conflict in the Mideast

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  1. Historic Israel -Hamas Prisoner Swap

    Israel trades 1,027 Palestinian prisoners for one soldier

  2. Cease-fire between Israel and Hamas

    Jeanne Zaino and Bob Rice on the likelihood of the cease-fire holding between both parties

  3. Israeli Troops Moving Toward Gaza : What’s Next?

    KT McFarland, FOX News national security analyst, on Israel moving troops toward Gaza after Palestinian rocket fire intensifies.

  4. Former Netanyahu chief of staff on Israel , Hamas conflict

    Naftali Bennett speaks out

  5. Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Michael Oren

    Extended interview: Official defends deadly Israeli raid of Gaza flotilla

  6. Latest on Israel , Hamas Unrest

    FBN's panel weighs in on the escalating violence between Israel and Hamas .

  7. Israel and Hamas exchange rocket fire for fifth straight day

    Leland Vittert reports from Israel - Gaza border

  8. What's next for Egypt, Israel and Gaza ?

    Insight on Mideast unrest from Amb. Dan Gillerman

  9. Geraldo Gets Both Sides of Israel -Palestine Conflict

    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat speak out on U.N. statehood bid

  10. Obama: 'We Are Committed to Israel's Security'

    President Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

  11. Latest from Northern Israel

    Dominic Waghorn, Sky News, reports from the Israel - Gaza border on the latest news on the Israeli - Hamas conflict.

  12. Obama again vows to have Israel's back against Iran

    Ed Henry reports from Jerusalem

  1. Tony Blair on Israel , Palestine

    Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Israeli troops raiding Gaza -Bound Flotilla and the state of the Palestine economy.

  2. Panetta Calls for Peace Talks Between Israel and Palestine

    Israel unsure of Palestinian commitment to peace

  3. Can Egypt be trusted to broker Israel , Gaza cease-fire?

    Former Israeli ambassador to U.N. weighs in

  4. Where does Israel , Gaza cease-fire agreement stand?

    Israeli ambassador to U.S. weighs in

  5. Israel's response to Syria's civil war

    Amb. Michael Oren weighs in

  6. Joel Rosenberg discusses the Israeli -Palestinian peace talks

    Author of 'The Auschwitz Escape' reacts to the crumbling peace talks between Israel and Palestine

  7. Amb. Ron Prosor: We have to protect our citizens in Israel

    Israeli Ambassador to the UN on escalating attacks, Hamas

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