Justine Damond expressed fear of guns before moving to US

Justine Damond had a mortal fear of guns and expressed reservations about US gun laws to friends before moving to America to start a new life.

Kat Kinnie, who says she became close to Ms Damond while the pair participated in Soul Sessions workshops in Sydney, said she was “just so excited” to be joining her fiance Don Damond and future stepson Zach but worried about the prevalence of guns in her new home.

“(Ms Damond’s fear of guns) was her biggest reservation about moving to the (United) States,” Ms Kinnie told the Triple M Grill Team this morning.

“Like, there was no question about how much she loved Don — he was her beloved, he was her wish come true. She was just so excited to be starting her life with him and to be engaged with him and become part of his family and become a mother to Zach but she was worried about moving to the States and worried about how different things are in comparision to Australia and with the gun laws ... it’s a real shame that she has left us in that way.”

Ms Kinnie described her friend in the same glowing terms as so many others have since the 40-year-old was inexplicably gunned down by a US police officer outside her Minneapolis home on Monday.

“She was one of the most beautiful people I have ever met,” she said.

“She was a model human being and if someone could have been designed with the biggest heart and the most love and kindness and compassion that I’ve ever met, that was Justine.”