Yearbook Page Showing Cheerleaders' Legs Stirs Controversy at California High School

School officials at a California high school are pressuring the yearbook editor to reprint a page that describes the cheerleading squad as showing "more leg than Daisy Duke" and includes digitally edited images of the girls' legs, News 10 reports.

Members of the cheerleading team at River City High School reportedly were outraged after reading an article titled "Who Wears Short Shorts" in the school's new yearbook -- 400 copies of which were picked up by students on Friday.

The article described the cheerleaders as "dolled up in micromini(sic) uniforms" while "strolling down halls" with "blatant disregard" for the "school dress code," according to the station. It also reportedly showed pictures of the cheerleaders' skirts while they were doing a jump exercise.

Now school officials are suspending pickups of the yearbook until its student editor rewrites a replacement page.

A vice principal at the school told the station that the article didn't amount to libel under current law, and all school officials could do was encourage the editor to "make the right decision."

Under a court case from the 1980's -- referred to as "Hazelwood" --  officials were forced to leave the final editorial decisions to the students, according to the station.

The 16-year-old author of the article reportedly apologized for the piece, saying, "I made an editorial mistake and I apologize for any pain that I may have caused... We [the yearbook staff] are currently taking steps to make amends."

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