Woman linked to teen's plunge off bridge cooperating with investigators, authorities say

A woman linked to a 16-year-old's 60-foot plunge off a Washington state bridge last week — resulting in serious injuries to the teen — is cooperating with investigators, authorities said Tuesday.

The 18-year-old woman had her case sent to the Clark County Prosecutor's Office to determine whether she will face charges, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office said.

The woman has not yet been charged with a crime, FOX12 Oregon reported.

A video showed the teen, Jordan Holgerson, being pushed off a bridge near Moulton Falls in Vancouver, Wash., while having second thoughts about jumping into the Lewis River. The fall gave Holgerson five broken ribs and punctured both of her lungs after she belly-flopped into the water, the Columbian of Clark County, Wash., reported.

“In the air, I was trying to push myself forward so I could be straight up and down so that my feet hit first, but that didn’t really work,” she told FOX12. “In the air, I think I might have fainted, but when I hit the water, I was definitely awake and aware.”

Dr. MaryClare Sarff, a doctor at the hospital where Holgerson was treated, told the station that the teen was lucky to survive the 60-foot drop. She said people often don’t survive from 25-foot falls.

A trauma surgeon at the hospital said it may take months for the teen to recover, the Columbian reported.