Woman Claims She Burglarized Home to Pay For College

A Connecticut woman accused of stealing more than $4,000 worth of jewelry from a home told police she did it to pay for college.

Sarah Arcuri, 23, was charged Wednesday with third-degree burglary and third-degree larceny, The Connecticut Post reports.

Police had responded to a home burglary Sept. 15 where the homeowner told them $4,845 worth of her jewelry was gone from her bedroom, according to the Post.

Police were able to track the stolen jewelry to a pawn shop, whose owner reported Arcuri has sold the store the jewelry and gave them a copy of her driver's license.

Arcuri reportedly told the Post that she wanted to surrender to police voluntarily, and confessed to the burglary during a police interview.

During the interview Arcuri reportedly told the cops she had stolen the money to pay for college. She was attending Newbury College in Boston, but had to leave because she could no longer afford the $25,500 annual tuition.

She said she stole the jewelry after her parents refused to help her with the tuition.

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