Wolfdog hybrid gains online fame at Florida sanctuary

A giant wolfdog hybrid named Yuki who "loves to be the center of attention" is living his dream at a sanctuary in Florida.

The animal was rescued by Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples in 2008 when he was around 8 months old and is a mixture of breeds — 87.5 percent gray wolf, 8.6 percent Siberian Husky and 3.9 percent German Shepherd, according to the sanctuary.

Because he's mostly wolf, he's considered a "high content wolfdog." Wolfdog hybrids, according to the International Wolf Center, live roughly 12 to 14 years in captivity, the same as a large domestic dog.

While both dogs and wolves are able to breed together, it's "rare" that hybrids can come about naturally, as "the territorial nature of wolves leads them to protect their home ranges from intruding canines such as dogs, coyotes and other wolves," the center said.


Yuki, described as a "ladies man" and a "ham" with a "strong personality," gained attention in recent months after a volunteer posted photos of the wolfdog to her Instagram account.

Unfortunately, the 12-year-old, who often finds his way onto the Facebook page of Shy Wolf, is terminally ill. The sanctuary said Yuki has blood cancer, and is not available for adoption.