Winter Travel Center

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Google Traffic Meter: Zoom in on your state and see how traffic is moving. The color-coded map will let you know if it's moving slow, normal or fast.

 Live Traffic Cameras in Your City: shows you the roads before you leave home.

National Traffic and Road Closure: Find out what's closed before you leave home.

AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report: Find the best gas deals before trekking in the cold Web site searches the cheapest unleaded gas prices in your area.


•'s Flight Tracker: Check to see if your flight is running on time.

Airport Guidelines: Check out what you're currently allowed to bring onboard.

Reserve Parking at Airport: Before you fly, ensure you have a spot to leave your car.

Use Twitter for Flight Updates: Travelocity has updates on this social media tool.

Homeland Security: Updates from the government on Twitter.

AAA Tips & Advice: Traffic tips for Thanksgiving travel in the Mid-Atlantic area.


AmTrak Delays: Commuters are advised to check to ensure their train is running on schedule.