Wheelchair parachutist making another jump off West Virginia's 876-foot New River Gorge Bridge

Plunging off an 876-foot-high bridge with only a parachute as a lifeline is nerve-wracking enough.

Lonnie Bissonnette does it in a wheelchair. He even sticks the landing.

Paralyzed below the waist since a 2004 parachuting accident, Bissonnette will return to southern West Virginia for another chance to launch himself on wheels from the New River Gorge Bridge.

Tens of thousands of people will watch him and scores of other parachutists, zip liners and rappellers Saturday during the annual Bridge Day festival in Fayetteville.

It will be Bissonnette's 19th Bridge Day jump. He started using a wheelchair for BASE jumps in 2010.

He says every jump is scary. But the exhilaration after the jump is what keeps him going.