Washington principal has close encounter with cougar

A Seattle-area principal had an unexpected visitor to the school Friday -- a cougar -- in an encounter captured on surveillance video.

Bob Hagin, the principal of Northwest Liberty School in Woodinville, said the incident took place around 6 p.m. while he was working in his office and heard a sound in the study lab area.

"I check it out, only to see the cougar pawing at a window. Another window had a lick mark on it," Hagin wrote on Facebook.

The principal then called his wife so he wouldn't have to walk home alone with the furry predator lurking. When she arrived at the school, the two went into a darkened classroom and saw two eyes beaming on the other side of a window.

When they turned the lights on in the classroom, surveillance cameras captured the cougar's reflection as it looked through the window at the couple.

Hagin said the late-night encounter was the third time he came in contact with cougar. Earlier in the day, the school alerted neighbors about a sighting.

"For those who don't know where we are located, we are across from Dairy Queen along the Little Bear Creek in Woodinville, Washington. Unfortunately, when the cougar was an arm's length away, we were too stunned to grab a camera," Hagin wrote on the school's Facebook page.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife was notified about the sighting, and told the school the animal "will not stick around."