Waitresses in body paint prompts Texas town to change clothing law

Some wild outfits at a redneck-themed restaurant have triggered a change in a Texas city's ordinance, MyFoxDFW.com reported.

The Lewisville City Council voted unanimously to change the rule -- which now says body paint is not suitable clothing at local businesses -- after police received multiple complaints about inappropriately-dressed waitresses at Redneck Heaven.

The restaurant has "ABC" or "Anything But Clothes" days, where waitresses wear body paint rather than shirts, the report said.

Prior to the rule change, the ordinance said that certain body parts needed to have an opaque covering.

According to MyFoxDFW.com, the police department asked for clarification from the council on the ordinance's wording after responding to the body paint complaints.

"We're quite shocked to see these young ladies weren't dressed," City Council meeting attendee Catherine Holliday said. "They had very scant bottoms on and their tops were painted. It's a restaurant that's between two family restaurants."

The new ordinance clarifies that an opaque covering does not include body paint, dyes, tattoos, liquid latex, or similar substances.

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