Video captures Florida sinkhole destroying building

Recently released video captures the moment when a 100-foot sinkhole that sinks 15 feet opened up and ingests a Florida villa in the Summer Bay Resort in Clermont, which is west of Orlando.

"I was in the tub when the 'boom' went off and the tub literally popped up and came down," Debbie Ward told She thought it was an earthquake and got out of the tub, and could "hear the cracking and the ceiling and glass breaking and we decided to get out as soon as possible."

Geotechnical engineers have been drilling to see if the land has stabilized.

Paul Caldwell, the owner, says one building was destroyed and 105 people were evacuated. Two other buildings were evacuated.

"Whether or not we will be able to build those units there in that sinkhole is another question. We will replace those 24 units we have a couple of hundred acres left for development," he said. Caldwell said he will ask his insurance company for guidance on the clean up.

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Back in March, a Florida man died after a sinkhole opened up near his Hillsborough County home. The sinkhole prompted evacuations in the neighborhood.