US Navy dropping live bombs in Florida this week

Here's some advice if you're going to be in Florida this week: Stay away from Ocala National Forest.

The reason: The U.S. Navy is dropping live bombs there as part of a series of training exercises that will last through Thursday.

F-18 jets leave from a nearby Naval Air Station in Jacksonville and conduct operations in the Pinecastle Range Complex of Ocala National Forest, which is approximately 70 miles north of Orlando, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Pinecastle Range Complex encompasses an unfenced 5,760-acre area in the middle of Ocala. According to NAS Jacksonville, the bombs will be dropped in the middle 450 acres of the range from 9 to 11 a.m. each day.

The naval station says jets are also expected to be in the area in the afternoon and evenings conducting bombings. The range complex is about 2 miles west of the Camp Ocala campgrounds and near several hiking trails.

Residents in the surrounding areas have complained of hearing loud booms from the bombings.

Some have expressed concern the Navy’s activity will disrupt wildlife, pushing the animals out of their habitats and into residential areas.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.