Unruly passenger restrained on American Airlines flight in Miami

Federal authorities said an unruly passenger onboard an American Airlines flight from Jamaica had to be restrained after rushing toward the cockpit once the plane touched down in Miami.

The FBI is investigating the incident after the plane arrived Friday morning from Montego Bay.

American Airlines spokeswoman Dori Alvarez said a disoriented male passenger stood up from his seat in the main cabin after landing. The flight was taxiing and the passenger did not obey crew member instructions to sit down. Alvarez said the passenger "moved towards the front where he was subdued and turned over to police."

An official with the Transportation Security Administration told Fox News that the passenger in custody did not attempt to enter the cockpit and did not pose as a security threat.

Miami International Airport spokesman Greg Chin says other passengers restrained the man before reaching the gate.

There were 165 passengers onboard flight 320 at the time.

Fox News' Mike Levine and The Associated Press contributed to this report.